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Editor-in-Chief: Joanne Callen, Macquarie University, NSW
Editor: Joanne Fitzgerald, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Published by:
The Health Information Management Association of Australia Limited

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Current issue 3

3 issues per year

Print ISSN: 1838-8620
Online ISSN: 1838-8639

Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ)

The Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ) is the official peer-reviewed research journal of the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) providing a forum for the dissemination of original research and opinions related to the management and communication of health information. Papers published in HIMJ will be of interest to researchers, policy makers and governments, health practitioners, teachers, consumers and others with an interest in improving health service delivery and health outcomes for patients and the community. We welcome contributions from national and international researchers as HIMJ provides a critical role in advancing the knowledge-base in this dynamic field. HIMJ is published three times per year with an Online First facility that facilitates speedy publication.

HIMJ publishes research, article commentaries, professional practice papers and reviews covering a broad range of topics related to the management and communication of health information. Topic areas include: e-health and personal health records; privacy and confidentiality; health classifications, terminologies and clinical coding; data quality; data linkage; consumer health informatics; public and population health information management; health information policy and governance; health information systems; and health information management education.

The Australian Dictionary of Clinical Abbreviations

First published in hard-copy format in 1993 and in online format in 2012. Currently in 7th Edition and edited (since 2nd edition in 1997) by author Joanne Williams.

There are over 10,000 abbreviations contained in the Dictionary. The electronic versions of the dictionary are available online and for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. The electronic versions make it easy and fast to search for am abbreviation.

The electronic versions are also kept current and have new abbreviations added to the list on a monthly basis. The printed version lags behind in content as it is reprinted ever 3 to 5 years. The dictionary is used widely in Australia by medical , administrative, clinical coding, nursing and medical record department and allied health staff.

The hardcopy, 7th edition is now available.

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The First Fifty Years (2nd Edition) 1949

The First Fifty Years (2nd Edition) 1949 – 1999 Medical Record Librarian to Health Information Manager
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A History of the Medical Record / Health Information
Management Profession in Australia
By Professor Phyllis J. Watson, AM
Dedicated to Betty James
221 pages including colour photos, references, appendices, copies of past documents, lists of past presidents, history of the Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ) – all contributing to this comprehensive text of the HIM profession

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IFMRO to IFHRO to IFHIMA - An Historical Overview 1949 – 2019

New Publication from Professor Phyllis Watson

IFMRO to IFHRO to IFHIMA – An Historical Overview 1949 – 2019

Longstanding HIMAA Life Member Professor Phyllis Watson’s recent publication of a new historical work is excellent reading for all HIMAA members. This invaluable piece of work puts Phyllis’s history of HIMAA into the global context of the HIM profession’s worldwide journey and is a comprehensive update to Phyllis’s original history of the International Federation of HIM Associations.

Phyllis commented recently:

The International Federation has been an important part of my life since 1968 and writing an historical overview also became important to me. It brought back many memories of people I have known and places I have been, and how much they influenced my life and reinforced my belief in the HIM profession. As you read through the book you will see that development was slow and at times it was difficult to communicate with members around the globe. With persistence and commitment to the profession, and the need to assist less fortunate medical record practitioners from developing countries, the International Federation developed and flourished.

If you have the opportunity to read IFMRO to IFHRO to IFHIMA I hope you will enjoy it and understand the mission and vision of so many people over the past 70 years. Thanks to HIMAA CEO and National Board we were able to launch it in print in November 2019 at the 19th IFHIMA International Congress in Dubai during the General Assembly and a copy was presented to each IFHIMA National Member Director and other members attending.

Professor Phyllis Watson
December 2019