Positioning and Advocacy Toolkit

The Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) has been serving the health information management profession in various iterations since 1949. As the profession’s peak body, HIMAA’s role is to promote and support health information management professionals as the universally recognised specialists in information management at all levels of the healthcare system. This is achieved through positioning and advocacy, accreditation, education and training, certification and credentialing, quality standards, publications and resources, and HIMAA membership networking activities at local and national levels, including an annual national conference of international standing.

In 2013, HIMAA undertook a substantial research program with its membership to determine the Association’s strategic directions for the next 3 – 5 years. This involved a pan-membership survey, a series of 11 focus groups with targeted membership (and non-member) segments, and a plenary to prioritise results at HIMAA’s 2013 Conference in Adelaide. The study involved some 325 member contact points in all.

The surprising outcome of this research was the overwhelming need for positioning the profession and advocating for it. This theme emerged as the strongest membership priority for HIMAA strategy. Visit the HIMAA website HERE, and see the HIMAA’s 2017-22 Strategic Plan presents HIMAA’s response to this strategic priority in detail.

HIMAA already advocates on behalf of the profession, by way of submissions in response to government initiatives such as the PCEHR, or submissions of opportunity, such as our response to the Health Workforce Australia’s Health Information Workforce Report of 2013, and advocacy events such as the Workforce Summit in Sydney in October 2015.

Our greatest resource in positioning the profession, however, is you, the HIMAA member. You are best placed to influence your peers, and the management and executivein your workplace, in order to better help them understand the role of the health information management profession and its value to the health industry.

The aim of this Toolkit is to furnish you with the information sheets and messaging that may assist you in this endeavour.


Document: HIMAA Positioning and Advocacy Tool Kit
Version: October 2015