Professional Credentialing Program

Credential (Post-Nominal) Membership Level Qualification
Certified Health Information Manager (CHIM) Full Member HIMAA-accredited HIM degree
Certified Health Information Practitioner (CHIP) Senior Associate Member HIMAA-approved program and/or experience


Credentialing Cycle: 2 years
Credentialing requirement: 150 points in HIMAA’s Professional Credentialing Scheme
Credentialing method: Participant’s Diary of Continuing Professional Development
Credential: Certificate under Company Seal
Submission: 14 days before End Date of current period
Enrolment: Application with initial Participant’s Diary demonstrating 75 points over 12 months
Cost: For HIMAA members, participation in the PCS is a complimentary membership service.


This Scheme has been available to members since 2007. It is HIMAA’s certification of professional standing, and offers HIMAA members the following benefits:

  • Demonstration of commitment to professional currency to peers
  • Quality assurance of continuing professional development and quality improvement to employers
  • Post-nominal privileges:
    • CHIM (Certified Health Information Manager) for Full Members
    • CHIP (Certified Health Information Practitioner) for Senior Associate Members

Because most members come to HIMAA with a qualification – particularly those in the Clinical Coding and HIM occupations of the profession – HIMAA’s credentialing scheme focuses more on maintenance of currency of the member’s credentials. Members achieve this by demonstrating participation in continuing professional development and quality improvement activity, which they report biennially through submission of a participant’s diary.

Participation in the scheme entitles the member to bear the post-nominal CHIM (Certified Health Information Manager) for members with a HIMAA-accredited HIM qualification, or CHIP (Certified Health Information Practitioner) for members with other related qualifications and/or experience such as HIMAA’s clinical coding courses.

In the context of HIMAA’s strategic focus on improving the positioning and standing of the profession in the healthcare sector, a working group of the Professional Development Sub-Committee of HIMAA’s national Education Committee reviewed the scheme to strengthen its quality assurance value to employers are well as to peers. The revised Scheme was re-launched at the HIMAA NCCH National Conference in Darwin on 8 October 2014.

What has improved?

We know how busy and time-poor health information management professionals are. So you will find the PCS diary and guidelines now support you by allocating higher points for greater educational effectiveness and provide you space to reflect on quality improvement possibilities arising from your CPD. By cross-referencing your activities against HIMAA’s competency standards, your diary also emphasises the performance value to your employer of your participation in the scheme.

The revised Professional Credentialing Scheme is also one employers can use to demonstrate quality assurance to their funders and decision makers.

The Scheme is easy to use. Simply download a copy of the attached Participant’s Diary HERE and enter your continuing professional development activities as you undertake them. You can work out how many points to allocate to each activity by consulting the Point Allocation Guide HERE.

For a first enrolment, all that is required is 12 months of activity amounting to 75 points. Thereafter, your continuity in the Scheme is through a submission of a fresh diary amounting to 150 points every two years. Each time your completed diary is received and approved, you will receive a fresh Certificate of CHIM or CHIP status for the next two year period. See the Policies and Procedures document HERE for more information.

For HIMAA members the Professional Credentialing Scheme remains a member benefit and is complimentary.

You can be a professional alone, but together we can do so much more. HIMAA Credentialing – the more who enrol, the stronger the assurance.

External Credentialing

IHPA ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Twelfth Edition

Completing 18 interactive online modules from Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) will earn you 20 HIMAA PCS points. These educational modules cover the key changes for ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Twelfth Edition with an introductory module that guide users on how to engage with the content. Further details about accessing and completing the education is available from the IHPA website: ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Twelfth Edition education.

Please submit your Participant’s Diary to:

Email: HIMAA Membership Officer at

Email Subject heading: HIMAA PCS Participant Diary Submission