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Health Information Managers and Clinical Coders have unique skill sets that are fundamental to accurate funding of health care. Documentation improvement is a core skill we apply to identify data and documentation improvement opportunities. We achieve enhanced documentation integrity through audit, education, coding queries, and clinician engagement.

Our expertise in data management, data quality, and clinical information abstraction contributes to the future of sustainable, efficient health care funding and the viability of the Activity Based Funding (ABF) model. The importance of clinical documentation to funding and safe care has resulted in the emergence of the Clinical Documentation Specialist (CDS) as a key HIS team member.

To enhance our understanding of how to leverage our expertise in documentation improvement programs the HIMAA CDI Webinar Series will run over the next 12 months. We will consider how we can adapt our existing clinician relationships, apply our knowledge of the health care system, data collections, and funding models to respond to the need for sustainable CDI programs.

The first in its CDI Series, Operational CDI will look at the HIM/Coder value proposition, the CDI points of intersection with the wider health system, and aspects of HIS oversight in CDI programs. It will explore how and where CDI is placed and can be leveraged across your workplace.