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What we offer

HIMAA offers you weekly eNews bulletins, a monthly eNewsletter, publications such as our authoritative Australian Dictionary of Clinical Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols, our two journals of HIM, a national annual conference of international standing, local Branch PD, and much more.

Subscription to the HIM Journal and HIM-Interchange

You will be able to access digital issues of the internationally impact-rated Health Information Management Journal and editions of the practical based HIM-Interchange posted to your chosen address three times per year. You also have access to online versions through the HIMAA Website.

HIMAA Matters and eAlerts direct to your inbox

Our monthly eNewsletter HIMAA Matters along with eAlerts containing up to date information will be sent direct to your preferred email’s inbox.

Pulse+IT Website Subscription

As a HIMAA Member you receive a subscription to the Pulse+IT Website. Your login details will be sent to you separately within 2 weeks

Participation in the Professional Credentialing Scheme

HIMAA’s Professional Credentialing Scheme allows members free of charge to gain the post-nominal CHIM (Certified Health Information Manager) for Full or New Graduate Members or CHIP (Certified Health Information Practitioner) for Senior Associate or Associate Members.

Eligibility for discounts under the Membership Recruitment Scheme

The HIMAA Membership Recruitment Scheme gives current members the opportunity to get benefits for helping to recruit new members to HIMAA.

To become a HIMAA member

This takes you to our member portal where you can sign up to become a HIMAA member.

To become a HIMAA member

This takes you to our member portal where you can sign up to become a HIMAA member.


Benefit/Membership Category

FullNew GraduateSenior AssociateAssociate


Eligible for Discounts on Membership Renewal & Conference Registration under the Membership Recruitment Scheme 





Discount Registration at Annual Conference 




Subscription to Health Information Management Journal and Health Information Management Interchange 




Online Only
Subscription to Pulse+IT Magazine 



Discounted HIMAA Professional Development Programs & Activities





HIMAA Matters monthly eNewsletter and eAlerts




Access to the members only portal




Discounts on publications




Free Participation in the HIMAA Professional Credentialing Scheme




Discounted Certified Clinical Coder postnominal




Discounted Clinical Coder training through our Education Services Department




Eligible to stand for nomination to HIMAA National Board




Eligible to stand for nomination as a Branch President/Network Convenor




Eligible to stand for nomination as a Branch/Network Committee Member