HIMAA Approved Programs

Since 1992, HIMAA has accredited degree and higher degree courses in Health Information Management against its Entry, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Health Information Management Competency Standards. Such accreditation entitles graduates to Full Membership of the profession’s peak body, the Health Information Management Association of Australia.

The increasing diversification in health information occupations, however, merits HIMAA recognition. The increasing specialisation in the Clinical Coder role, for instance, has been recognised by HIMAA with the introduction of the Senior Associate membership category in 2013.

HIMAA now welcomes applications from providers of education and training (E&T) course(s) in health information management, other than formal Health Information Management degree courses, that can demonstrate alignment with HIMAA competency domains. Clinical coding, health informatics, business, management and information systems/IT are examples of likely occupational sources.

The HIMAA Accreditation process will continue to apply to degree HIM courses mapped to HIMAA’s professional competency standards. See HERE for more details.

For recognition as a HIMAA Approved Program, E&T providers are invited to submit a letter of application detailing:

  • Alignment of the submitted program with HIMAA competency domains
  • Qualification(s) awarded by the provider as a result of the program
  • Authority by which the qualification is conferred
  • Duration of the program in required student hours
  • Structure and content of the program

Applications will be considered by HIMAA’s national Education Committee. An administration fee of $275 applies. Providers are advised that the application process may take up to three (3) months. Providers of Approved Programs will be entitled to include the HIMAA status of their program in advisory information to students and potential students in wording provided by HIMAA.

HIMAA Approved Programs are eligible for inclusion in applications for the Senior Associate HIMAA membership category.

Please email himaa@himaa.org.au for more information.

List of HIMAA Approved Programs

The following education and training programs are currently approved by HIMAA’s national Education Committee.

DRG Assurance Program Course

Certificate of Completion
VET/ Postgrad

Introductory ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS clinical coding
Statement of Attainment
Intermediate ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS clinical coding
Statement of Attainment
Advanced ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS clinical coding
Statement of Attainment
Diploma in Healthcare Documentation
Diploma of Healthcare