Competency Standards

The Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) is the peak national association representing health information professionals.

HIMAA promotes and supports health information management professionals as the universally recognised specialists in information management at all levels of the healthcare system. We do this through positioning and advocacy, university course accreditation, education and training, certification and credentialing, publications and resources, and HIMAA member networking activities at the local level and an annual national conference of international standing,

HIMAA is responsible for the development of professional competency standards for health information professionals. The development and on-going enhancement of professional competencies define the profession’s knowledge domain to inform the education and workforce sectors of the skills and knowledge that are required of new graduates and across the professional lifespan.

Competencies provide the profession with the mechanism to formally accredit education programs on knowledge content at relevant levels that graduates require to function in the workplace. One of the challenges in developing a set of competencies is to articulate what ‘should be’ rather than describe ‘what is’.

HIMAA has developed the following competencies used for health information professionals:

  • Health Information Management competency standards (Version 3.0)
  • Clinical Coder Performance standards (Under review)
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement competency standards (Under development)
  • Health Data Analysis competency standards (Under development)

For further information on the competency standards please Contact HIMAA.