HIMAA’s committees meet to discuss an aspect of the HIMAA Strategic Plan or are responsible for a particular function of the Association. The Chairs are well known health information professionals in the industry and are assisted by the HIMAA National Office to support the work of the members. Each committee also has a Board liaison to ensure appropriate communication and oversight.

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Chaired by Stella Rowlands

Sue Walker

Chaired by Sue Walker

The Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ) and the professional practice journal, Health Information Management-Interchange (HIM-I) is established by the HIMAA Board of Directors.

The purpose of HIMAA professional journals produced by the Association, such as the HIMJ and HIM-I, is to uphold the academic rigor and standing of the health information management profession as defined by the Association.

Editor in Chief: Kerin Robinson

Editor, Health Information Management Journal: Joan Henderson

Editor, HIM Interchange: Joanne Fitzgerald

Editorial Board Members: Joanne Callen, Deborah Debono, Monique Kilkenny, Esther Munyisia, Mirela Prgomet, Beth Reid, Stella Rowlands, Jennie Shepheard, Phyllis Watson, Johanna Westbrook

Representative member, HIMAA Board of Directors:  Sharon Campbell 

James Katte

Chaired by James Katte

Chaired by Jenny Gilder, Cassandra Rupnik