Clinical Coding Practice Framework

The Clinical Coding Practice Framework (CCPF) is the result of an industry collaboration with the Clinical Coders’ Society of Australia and provides guidance on good practice for those involved in the clinical coding process, which includes:

  • Clinical coders
  • Clinical coding auditors and educators
  • Clinical documentation improvement specialists
  • Health Information Managers
  • Managers, of all levels, of the clinical coding process.

The CCPF is applicable to all types of health services that undertake the clinical coding function and covers four main areas:

  • Clinical coding and legal requirements
  • Clinical coding practice
  • Appropriate clinician documentation queries
  • Clinical coding quality and education

Prior to Eleventh Edition of the Australian Coding Standards (ACS), this advice was contained in in an appendix of the ACS under the title of Standards for Ethical Conduct in Clinical Coding. Despite its removal from the ACS, the CCPF is a crucial aspect in the governance of the clinical coding process for Australian health services.

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Document: Clinical Coding Practice Framework
Version: September 2019