The Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) is the official, formal accrediting body for all Health Information Management courses in Australia.

HIMAA also undertakes formal review and accreditation of Health Information Management courses internationally, upon request from individual countries and universities.

Accreditation of the degree courses is linked directly to graduate Health Information Managers’ eligibility for full graduate membership of HIMAA. The Association undertakes a rigorous, structured accreditation program of tertiary level courses in Health Information Management. This program, which been in place for several decades, is managed by the HIMAA National Education Committee which reports to the Board of Directors.

The Education Committee has responsibility for overseeing the continued refinement of formal competency standards for Health Information Management to ensure:

  • (i) that they remain contemporary and relevant; and
  • (ii) that tertiary programs in Health Information Management continue to represent the specialist professional skills and attributes required of new graduates.

Health Information Management courses are required to undertake accreditation on a regular basis. Courses are accredited only where they demonstrate that graduates meet the Profession Entry-Level Competency Standards.

The accreditation process involves:

  • on-site, in-depth review via visits by the national accreditation team;
  • evidence of compliance with appropriate academic pedagogy and standards that meet HIMAA’s education requirements;
  • evidence of compliance with curricula and academic outcomes in accordance with HIMAA’s Profession Entry-Level Competency Standards;
  • evidence of appropriate curricula underpinned by discipline-specific research;
  • evidence of adequate financial resources, teaching facilities, physical resources, and other academic and administrative supports;
  • and the formal review and approval by National Education Committee of the accreditation team’s findings and recommendations.
  • The accreditation process is fully explained in “Policies, Procedures and Standards for Accreditation of Professional Entry education Courses for Health Information Managers” (click HERE to view)

Currently Accredited University Courses and those under consideration for accreditation

The courses that are accredited at La Trobe University are:

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences & Master of Health Information Management
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Medical Classification)/Bachelor of Health Information Management
  • Master of Health Information Management

The courses that are accredited at Curtin University are:

  • Bachelor of Science (Health Information Management) – No new enrolments
  • Bachelor of Science (Health Science Health Information Management Major) – No new enrolments

The course that is accredited at the Queensland University of Technology is:



QUT Course enquiries only:


  • Sue Walker at or (07) 3138 5873 Or;
  • Maryann Wood or (07) 3138 5870


  • Email: or telephone (07) 3138 4831

The University of Tasmania has applied to have its Masters of Health Information Management course accredited.

The application is currently being considered.

La Trobe University (Sydney city campus): Bachelor of Health Sciences (Medical Classification)/Bachelor of
Health Information Management. This course is scheduled to commence in 2017. This course is accredited as per the La Trobe University entry under the VIC heading above.

Western Sydney University has notified of its intent to apply for accreditation of its Bachelor of ICT (HIM) by HIMAA in 2017.

Middle East
The course that is accredited at the Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates is:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Information Management)

Student Advisories

  • Open Universities Australia: Warning to students – click HERE