A Framework for Strategy

The HIMAA Strategic Plan (the Plan) provides the direction of the Association for the HIMAA Board of Directors, HIMAA’s Chief Executive Officer and the Membership. The HIMAA Strategic Plan 2022-24 was developed from a survey of the Membership and two public consultations. A working group chaired by industry representatives was responsible for incorporating this input and developing the Plan, which was then approved by the Board.

It advances on the previous HIMAA Strategic Plan 2017-22 by focusing on strategies for advancing the profession (Strategic Priorities) and those to advance the Association (Business Priorities). The Plan focuses around two Foundations and uses four Pillars to achieve the three major Priorities.


  • ADVOCACY – Advocacy and Leadership to promote and position the profession with stakeholders at all levels of the health care system and within their workplaces to demonstrate its scope of knowledge, expertise, skills and value.
  • EDUCATION – the delivery of knowledge to support the attainment of tertiary level qualifications accredited or approved by HIMAA and the encouragement of a life-long learning journey providing ongoing qualifications, skills and knowledge development.
  • RESEARCH – the production of knowledge to underpin the competency domains of health information management resulting from the use of evidence-based research, to render the profession a tangible asset for the health care system and its future.
  • STANDARDS FOR QUALITY PRACTICE – the current and emerging standards of a competent professional, both at entry level and through life-long learning in professional practice, to enable inter-professional and industry recognition of health information management as a specialty capable of meeting industry needs in all matters relating to health information management and its governance.


  • WORKFORCE -The human resource requirements of current and future roles for Health Information Management professionals with the concurrent competency and qualifications to adapt to changes in the evolving health environment.
  • MEMBERSHIP -The provision of a forum and support for members, including health information management professionals and other professionals interested or working in health information management.


  • POSITIONING THE PROFESSION FOR THE FUTURE – proactively identifying and developing direction to address emerging roles and organisational footprint in the eHealth and digital health environment.
  • CONTEXTUALISING THE PROFESSION – creating opportunity and strategic alliances within the health care industry strengthening current partnerships and development new ones for the mutual benefit of our professional members.
  • POSITIONING THE ORGANISATION FOR THE FUTURE – ensuring a financially robust, strategically agile, strongly governed operational Association accepting of diversification.

Document: Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024
Version: October 2021