The Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) is concerned about the long-term shortage of qualified Health Information Managers (HIMs) and potential impacts on patient data, hospitals’ functioning and funding, and the healthcare system.

HIMs are university graduates with expertise in planning, developing, implementing and managing health information services in hospitals and other healthcare services. They are specialists in collecting, classifying, analysing and reporting clinical and administrative data to meet the medical, financial, legal, ethical, governance, patient safety and administrative requirements of health care delivery. HIMs are central to a high performing and safer healthcare system.

High demand for qualified Health Information Managers

Graduate HIMs from HIMAA-accredited degrees are work-ready. Research on employer demand for new graduate HIMs shows:

  • Over 94% obtain professional employment within six months. In fact, when graduates who undertake additional studies or research are excluded, this figure equates to 97% employment of new graduate HIMs. This is an extraordinarily high employment rate for any profession. It indicates the huge unmet demand for graduate HIMs throughout the healthcare sector
  • Almost half (46%) of graduating HIMs secure professional employment before their final examinations.

To apply for a HIMAA-accredited courses visit one of our university partners listed below:

La Trobe University’s profession-entry Bachelor degree) or profession-entry Master degree)

Queensland University of Technology: profession-entry Bachelor degree 

University accreditation and course design

HIMAA welcomes inquiries from universities that may wish to offer a degree in health information management. We will provide advice on the curriculum and external accreditation requirements.

Further information can be found on the HIMAA Accreditation webpage.